The Happy Herb Shop (USA)

Raise your energy, transform your mood, rest and relax, slim down, interrupt addictive habits, enhance your romance,
activate your spirit 
and embrace the natural lifestyle.


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Herbs, Oils, and Superfoods the natural Way

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  • Essentials Oils

The clubs, the bars, the live shows. There is so much to do in Tel Aviv, and so little time to do it.

  • Superfoods

Boost your body’s immune system with powerful superfoods from all over the world!

  • PartY Herbs

Put a spring in your step and some zing in your spring with our natural and safe herbal energy boosters. Increase your energy, vitality and stamina the natural way!

The Happy Herb Shop (USA)

Our team of herbies is an eclectic mix of herbalists, natural therapists, festival goers, business people and plant nerds who are connected by their love of plants, people and planet.

Call us:(707) 468-1414 Hours M-F 10-6 Sat 10-4

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